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IRIS-MEC professional equipment for car dismantlers Fuel Tanks Drill With Remote Control IRIS-MEC Technology

WBG is now the official Middle East distributor for Iris-Mec. 

Our goals

Our goal is to provide dismantlers efficient, reliable and easy to use equipment. 

Constructive quality, ergonomic workstations and innovative technologies make our products able to create efficient and safe workflows every day by securing the operator, the whole area of depollution and taking up the minimum space.

Your Benefits

Design and production are carried out entirely in Italy. Regular and accurate quality controls at every stage of production combined with deep knowledge of the technologies will ensure a steady return over time, a real return of the initial investment and a competent and qualified after sales service.

We offer free advice and design to carefully evaluate your needs, focus on the real needs and find the most suitable solution.

A well-designed area lets you work with high safety standards and efficient workflows thanks to reliable equipment that ensures a consistent performance over time, and a real return of the initial investment.

That is why we offer free advice and planning for those car dismantlers which pursue to renew or adapt their area according to government regulations on safety.

After a preliminary meeting to evaluate your needs, our commitment is to optimize the available space and offer the equipment that best meet your needs based on the daily number of processed vehicles.

  • Preliminary free advice,
  • Design and installation by fully respecting the current regulations on safety,
  • Testing and training,
  • Efficient and competent after-sales service,

To see our products operating, you can ask for a demonstration at our customers facilities or check out our videos;

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