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Based on over 30 years of experience in the construction of recycling machinery ARJES develops individual shredding and screening solutions for processing waste wood, green waste, biomass, plastics, paper, domestic and industrial waste, scrap metal, used tires and other materials.


The double trommel consists of sturdy and robust inner trommel which sieves the coarse material and holds it back from the outer trommel. The outer trommel strained by wire screens separates the fine fraction from the middle fraction. Between the inner and outer trommel the middle fraction is sieved. Both the inner trommel and the outer trommel can be strained by wire screens. Whereas the inner trommel thanks to the design enables permanently a screening size of 75/80 x 170 mm without wire screens.


LEFORT is a family business, founded in 1947, that manufactures and develops all types of hydraulic shears and balers for the metal recycling industry. The name LEFORT is well-known in today’s metal recycling industry and carries the reputation of supplying the industry with the most technologically advanced machinery. These machines are known for their performance and flawless design. Each LEFORT machine is built in their Belgian based factories which cover a total area of more than 65.000 square meters. Today LEFORT is considered as a solid and efficient service provider and quality leader in scrap metal recycling equipment.


STANLEY LaBounty recycling and scrap tools are designed to maximize your productivity and investment dollars. From our reversed cylinder that reduces stick height and weight while improving visibility, to our dual guide pucks that keep jaws in alignment, our high-quality recycling and scrap products are specifically designed to last. A full line of mobile shears and grapples are available for whatever size material and carrier you’re working with.

West Baumaschinen GmbH


WBG can assist you in finding the right Material Handler for your operation. Diesel, electric, mobile or stationary.

West Baumaschinen GmbH


Magnetic handling systems: they guarantee high security standards, increase productivity, optimize storage areas and consequently reduce logistics costs. Magnetic separation systems: maximize the value of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in recycling facilities and process materials when acting as protection for plants, minimizing waste and reducing pollution. Design: tailor-made for customer needs by optimizing performance and limiting installation costs. Strategic and technological innovation. Spare parts management: in warehouse to minimize plant stop times. Technical assistance: on site and remotely. Quality system certified ISO 9001:2015.


The effective volume of reduction of obsolete packaging, production waste and other waste (recyclable) materials through press systems provides space and lowers costs. In addition, separation and proper pre-sorting of materials for recycling protects the environment.


PRAMAC’s history begins in 1966, when the Campinoti family founded L’Europea, a construction equipment company focused mainly on the Italian market. From this point onwards PRAMAC has been expanding its activities in the energy and material handling sector, continuously growing on its global base with a wide and flexible product range to satisfy a whole spectrum of energy needs to suit its customers.